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About Us

How we got started

Old MHQ Metroid Headquarters started as a geocities website made by MetroidMaster1914. It lacked attention, however, and eventually died. Then MetroidMaster1914 decided it would be better to create a forum instead, so that people would actually stay and be regular. That forum, which still exists today, was created on July 16, 2004. But when it was created, it too lacked attention. MetroidMaster1914 quickly decided then that he needed to advertise, and fast. He started at, which got him a good 10-20 members. They then told their friends about MHQ, who told their friends, who advertised on other sites, and before you knew it MHQ was an active community! To add to that, about a year into MHQ's existance, we started an affiliation program, which gained us more popularity! Then, at the dawn of 2007, MHQ aquired a host server to build a website on, which is what you are on right now.

Our staff

Our staff here at MHQ is one of the most trustworthy and helpful group of people you will find. We are dedicated to making MHQ the most user friendly, content filled, and all around best Metroid site in the Metroid community! Whether it's moderating the forum, updating the website, or just submitting a wallpaper, they are more than happy to volunteer to give their time and help out in any way they can. I'm confident that you won't have any problems with our staff, but if so let us know what it is through our contact page.

Want to be our affiliate? E-mail MetroidMaster1914 here with your site link and 88x31 image and he will get back to you soon.
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