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We here at MHQ are always looking for new affiliates. The only requirement is that you're an active site or forum and you get the staff's approval. If you would like to affiliate with us, just send us an e-mail through our contact page and copy and paste this code onto your site:

If it is applied corectly, the code
should result in looking like this: 
Metroid Headquarters

We also have a few other banners for use:

Metroid Headquarters
(468x60) Made to match our 3rd anniversary skin.

Metroid Headquarters
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Metroid Headquarters
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Metroid Headquarters
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Our Affiliates

The first Metroid website on the Internet, Metroid Database has it all. From walkthroughs to fan collections, Metroid Database is the place to get them.

One of the most up-to-date and well made Metroid sites around, Metroid Recon is a great place to go to for anything from manuals to soundtracks.

A great website to check out for various features about the Metroid Universe, Shinesparkers will no doubt rise to become one of the top visited Metroid fan sites.

If Mario and fan gaming is your forté, then Mario Fan Games Galaxy is the perfect place for you! With new content added all the time, it's well worth a visit.

The premiere place to go for all Zelda fan games, Zelda Fan Game Central is a great place to go if you're wanting to play some great fan made Zelda games!

A great Mario fan site that will fill all of your Mario Bros. needs, Boo Mansion has loads of information and content that makes it your only Mario hub.

Zelda Eternity is a fantastic Zelda website with an awesome community, and is the perfect resource for any lover of the Zelda series!

Metroid Wiki is full of information about anything and everything Metroid related, all compiled by fans like you. Drop by and share some Metroid knowledge!

An up and coming musical collaboration that orchestrates a lot of your favorite Metroid music into musical masterpeices.

A fan-made remake of the original Metroid, Metroid Remix sets out to retell the story of the NES Metroid in an entirely new way.

What's widely considered to be the most well done fan game project yet, Project AM2R is a remake Metroid II in the style of the GBA. You must check it out!

An E3-esque fan gaming convention, MHQ has been a sponsor ever since it's inception. If you're interested in Nintendo fan games, this is the place to check them out!

Want to be our affiliate? E-mail MetroidMaster1914 here with your site link and 88x31 image and he will get back to you soon.
Metroid Headquarters
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