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Happy 25th Anniversary Metroid!

Posted by MetroidMaster1914 | 08-06-11 06:23 AM CST

MetroidMaster1914 Well guys, it's August 6th, 2011. Twenty five years ago to this day, the game Metroid was released in Japan. And we're going to celebrate. =D We, along with many other of your favorite Metroid websites, will be doing very special things today and tomorrow to celebrate this landmark anniversary for our favorite video game series.

To begin with, we at MHQ have released a very special podcast (we released it later on purpose this time) where I sit down with all the major Metroid fan site webmasters and have a round table interview/discussion, so please stop by our podcast section and check it out!

Next, Shinesparkers has put together a fan tribute video where a lot of Metroid fans expres their love and congratulations for Metroids (some of which are pretty big names), which you can watch down below.

Sty tuned today and tomorrow for many more anniversary surprises from the whole Metroid community!

(And yes, I'm embedding this for completely selfish reasons as I edited together the video. Enjoy. ^_^)

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