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MDB Turns 15!

Posted by MetroidMaster1914 | 10-16-11 10:48 AM CST

MetroidMaster1914 Happy 15th Anniversary MDB!

If you've had the chance to visit Metroid Database today, you may have noticed a shiny new header atop their website. That's because, as of today, Metroid Database is celebrating their 15th anniversary! To give some perspective, that makes them older than, not only all other Metroid sites, but most websites you use today (Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.) To celebrate, they've finally unveiled their much anticipated MDB Bestiary (which was discussed on our special Metroid 25th Anniversary Podcast, as well as announced their 3rd yearly contest, the Design-A-Samus Contest. The bestiary has a ton of information you won't find easily anywhere else, and the contest has some terrific prizes lined up. We here at MHQ want to wish our friends at MDB a congrats on 15 years!

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