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MHQ Marathon Planning

Posted by Gendreavus | 02-04-13 02:28 PM CST

Gendreavus Hey everyone! You'll never guess what. It's February! That means we're less than half a year from MHQ's big ninth anniversary! We don't quite know when yet, but we're planning on having our third annual Metroid marathon somewhere around then as well, and we're hoping to get some of your help making this the best one yet.

We've already got some ideas being tossed around behind the scenes, but before we finalize anything we want to hear from you. If you were around for our previous marathons, tell us what you liked about them! Tell us what you think we could have done better! Even if you've never seen us do our Metroid thing, you can still give us some crazy ideas for various shenanigans we could get up to as the week progresses! Feel free to drop us a comment here, on the forum thread, or through a private message. Also, if you know of anyone who hung around on the stream the last couple years who might not frequent MHQ (I'm looking at you, Zelda Eternity), do let them know about this! We want their opinions just as much as yours!

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Posted by carlos | 02-20-13 04:59 PM CST

I think its great but the creaters of metriod should make a metriod game with all of the weapons and upgrades it will be marvelous

Posted by Falcool | 02-07-13 12:57 AM CST

Sounds great to me! :D

Posted by Miles07 | 02-06-13 09:53 PM CST

@fanaticmetroid: Why not both? They've played M1 and MZM in the same marathon, so why not M2 and AM2R?

Posted by fanaticmetroid | 02-06-13 05:21 PM CST

maybe when AM2R is out you could replace metroid 2 with the remake.

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