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Podcast Prime

Posted by Falcool | 01-01-13 11:05 PM CST

Falcool Today we present to you "Podcast Prime", and the first episode, "Primed for 2013". Podcast Prime is the new MHQ Podcast that's both shorter, and better! This month we interview our guest Nate Horsfall, who did artwork for the Harmony of a Hunter projects, and we discuss the future of Metroid in 2013. There's also a couple of bloopers, and we'll have more in store for you next time, when we're going at it again with a new guest, and with more recording! If you haven't listened to our podcasts, or simply didn't like the previous ones, you should really give Podcast Prime a listen.

Intro 0:00-01:45
Interview 01:45-09:12
Discussion Board 09:12-18:50
Outro and Bloopers 18:50-21:00

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Posted by JuicieJ | 01-02-13 06:04 PM CST


Posted by Falcool | 01-02-13 03:20 PM CST

New podcast, new laws :D

Posted by JuicieJ | 01-02-13 11:24 AM CST

Falcool broke one of the podcast laws. He didn't call Elias by his real name.

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