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Project Dread

Created by Dragon & Shrander

Project Dread Title Screen An unexplained explosion rocked the BSL Research Station. Something happened, something terrible. Whatever it was, it was spreading through the station at a terrible pace. You are a Federation Trooper Stationed on the Biologic Space Labs. Something must be done to stop this madness... Wonder through the BSL Station through the eyes of the Federation.


Project Dread 3 Last Updated: 01/17/09
50% Completed
4 Stars
177 Ratings
Other Downloads:
Project Dread 2: Reborn
Project Dread (original)
Dread Engine v3
Dread Engine v2
Dread Engine v1
Alpha Demo
Mission Beta Demo

YouTube Videos

Camera Engine
Camera Engine
Training Beta Trailer
Training Beta Trailer


Shooting a swarm Crouch shot Gibbing GFAI troops with Resonator Multikill!

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