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Created by Emperor

Tetroid Title Screen Tetroid is a combination of metroid and tetris, with three classic metroid stages to choose from. You can either race against the clock to rack up as many points as possible in the timed mode, or play the more traditional tetris style. In both modes you have to utilize various metroid items to gain points.


Tetroid v2.1 Last Updated: 09/20/08
100% Completed
4 Stars
53 Ratings
No previous versions available. Extras:
Metroid Music Pack
Tetris Music Pack
Metroid + Tetris Music Pack

High Scores

Rank Name Score
1 DumbProgrammer 324725
2 Lucifuga 221222
3 Shrander 108108
4 Majora 74134
5 Jon 72538


Lava Rising Timed Tourian Brinstar Super missile Special

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