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Title Screens & Descriptions

Metroid Title Screen This is the game that started it all. In Metroid, Samus Aran is dispatched to planet Zebes to destroy the mechanical lifeform Mother Brain, as well as exterminate all the mysterious lifeforms known as the Metroids. This game, which featured 8-bit graphics (which were top pf the line at the time), started one of Nintendo's most profitable and popular franchises.

Box Art & General Info

Metroid Box Art
Rated E
Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
US Release Date: August 15, 1987
JP Release Date: August 6, 1986
Release Date Position: 1st
Timeline Position: 1st
Official Website: N/A
Discussion: Metroid Forum


Metroid Password Generator for PC
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Metroid Soundtrack


Start Location Morph Ball Start Location Morph Ball
Bottom of a Shaft Middle of a Shaft Tunnel Tunnel with an Enemy

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