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Download/Play Podcast Metroid Headquarters is your source for all things Metroid! With all the info on the latest Metroid game and a great Metroid community, Metroid Headquarters is the place to go! Our podcast is released on a monthly basis, and covers a wide variety of everything going on in the Metroid world and in the community. Be sure to tune in monthly for the very latest on all things Metroid!

06-01-13Podcast Prime Live

Download/Play Podcast This month we talk to Tommy Tallarico, creator of Video Games Live and sound effect designer for Metroid Prime, about his work in Metroid and current projects. We also talk about the graphics of Metroid and have a very special announcement!

05-01-13Music of a Mozzaratti

Download/Play Podcast This month, we speak to composer Mozzaratti, who contributed to the Harmony of a Hunter albums, about his music and background in Metroid. We also discuss the story of Metroid. Enjoy!

04-01-13In teh Podcast

Download/Play Podcast In our latest installment, we speak to Andrew Mills, former webmaster and founder of, about his past in the community and current activities. Plus, the staff discusses the bosses of Metroid.

03-01-13Rock, Paper, Planes

Download/Play Podcast This month we speak with Pyro Paper Planes, an artist on Harmony of a Hunter, about his musical past, present, and future. We also discuss the areas and location int he Metroid series. Have a listen!

02-01-13To the End of Infinity

Download/Play Podcast In this Podcast Prime, we sit down with Infinity's End, Co-Owner of Metroid Database, and talk to him about his time at MDB and professional work in the video game industry. Our staff also discusses some of the weapons seen in the Metroid series.

01-01-13Primed for 2013

Download/Play Podcast We're back and better than ever for 2013 with the debut of our new shorter format! This month, we interview Nate Horsfall, artist for the Metroid community and animator extraordinaire, and discuss what the future holds for Metroid.

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